On HuffPost: I Told My Mom I Hire Sex Workers And Her Response Changed Our Relationship

Oleb Books author Andrew Gurza is sitting in a wheelchair wearing a green shirt and hat and is posing happily alongside his mother.

Oleb Books author Andrew Gurza recently published an article on HuffPost that we wanted to share with our readers. Click here to read all about his latest coming out story on HuffPost!

You can also read more about him in our blog piece titled: Meet Author Andrew Gurza: Shining a Bright Light on Sex and Disability.

Gurza contributed the piece “Baring It All” to our latest anthology, Firsts: Coming of Age Stories by People with Disabilities. Pick up your copy today on Amazon, IndieBound, Kobo, Barnes & Noble or Apple.

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Book Review: Resistance and Hope, Edited by Alice Wong

By Belo Cipriani

Book cover image for Resistance and Hope: Essays by Disabled people, edited by Alice Wong. The cover features a variety of colorful, psychedelic-looking mushrooms bursting out of a log, with a dark blue, star-filled sky in the background.

Some books become classics because they bring to the forefront new ideas, while others are imprinted in our consciousness because they shine light on a little known world.

Resistance and Hope: Essays by Disabled People, edited by Alice Wong, is one of those rare anthologies that both highlights new ways of examining disability, as well as raises the profile of the disability community. Wong, a San Francisco-based disability rights activist and journalist, has gathered 16 essays from some of the leading voices in disability advocacy, to shed some light onto disability issues in the Trump era. Continue reading “Book Review: Resistance and Hope, Edited by Alice Wong”

Meet Attorney and Award-Winning Writer Heidi Johnson-Wright

by David-Elijah Nahmod

Photo of author Heidi Johnson-Wright, wearing a red, short-sleeved top, a colorful scarf and hoop earrings. She's sitting in a wheelchair, smiling.

Heidi Johnson-Wright, author of the leading story in the collection Firsts: Coming Of Age Stories By People With Disabilities, has lived with the complicated effects of rheumatoid arthritis since around the age of 9. The condition made it necessary for her to use a wheelchair and curtailed her ability to perform simple, everyday tasks. When she began college in the 1980s, she needed a caregiver to help her dress and get to class on time. Johnson-Wright quietly accepted her situation, excelling in her studies. She even had a boyfriend. Continue reading “Meet Attorney and Award-Winning Writer Heidi Johnson-Wright”